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Who will win the Future Hub Award?

Klimahouse 2020 will once again present a selection of startups in the sustainable construction sector, for the first time under the new name Future Hub. 

 As many as 11 startups will compete for the Future Hub Award:

Accademia della Bioarchitettura, Bio Building BlockFBP - Future is a better place Glass to PowerGraffiti 4 Smart City, EnerenMeo Energy PaleadomusRadicsol, RentmasWood Control.

The objective of the award is to help all new businesses operating in the sector and contributing to innovation in the sector to quickly get in touch with industrial partners able to accompany them on the market.

1 Winner
4 Days
11 Startups
1 Future report

Future Hub Award Finale @NOI Techpark

11 startups will compete for the prize of best entrepreneurial reality of the year, the prize of the public and the special prize of Agenzia Casa Clima.


Graffiti 4 Smart City is a highly innovative startup that has created real intelligent wall mosaics that can be installed in city hotspots, for example. The product consists of thin and revolutionary wall tiles that can be inserted into the walls and can be connected directly to your smartphone via 5G technology, giving you access to a range of services.

Mas Roof is the creator of the first multifunctional roof: a roof that not only has an active part regulated by photovoltaic panels on the surface, but also a passive part. This can contain all the systems necessary for the correct functioning of the house, from the water tank to the dehumidification system.

Eneren: a start-up that produces heat pumps - an increasingly expanding sector - geothermal and aerothermal energy with a high rate of innovation

Meo Energy: company offering an innovative system that automatically manages energy flows from homes thanks to hardware and software systems

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