Participating is easy

The preparatory phase of a fair can be complicated, but it's easy with us: our team is always available and will assist you to prepare your presence at the fair in the best way.

Usually the rental of the exhibition area is understood as a bare area without any type of set up. For the layout you have the following options - for more information click on the dedicated section below:

  • Renting a pre-fitted booth of Fiera Bolzano: Basic, Basic High or Plus 
  • Assign one of the official suppliers of Fiera Bolzano 
  • Engage a trusted construction company

Rent a pre-arranged stand

Fiera Bolzano offers a pre-equipped stand service. You can choose between three models: Basic, Basic High or Plus.

The Basic stand
Basic is the ideal solution to optimize participation costs without giving up presenting your company in a professional way. The elegant two-dimensional American style and the possibility to choose between different colors both the walls and the carpet allows you to have a stand that reflects the style of your company.

The Basic High stand
The features of the Basic High stand vary from the Basic stand:

  • Height: 2.90 m
  • More colours to choose from for the walls
  • 50W LED lighting
  • Hydropainted column

The Plus stand
Plus offers you the possibility to personalise your stand more effectively thanks to a wider choice of colours for both the carpet and the walls. The colour of the latter can be chosen inside the RAL board. The three-dimensional aluminum truss completes the stand by giving momentum to your presence at the trade show.

Official Exhibition Stand Builders of FieraMesse

POZZANI & POZZANI Via Verdi, 46/48 — 37060 CASTEL D’AZZANO (VR) Phone 045 8521545 | Fax: 045 518933 

SCENERY Via Olivetti 9 – Zona Prod. Vurza — 39055 LAIVES (BZ)
Phone 0471 254005 | Fax: 0471 254006

WALCHER ALLESTIMENTI Zona Artigianale Pillhof, 87 — 39010 FRANGARTO (BZ)
Phone 0471 631215 | Fax: 0471 631041

CHINELLATO Via Rencio, 38/a - 39100 BOLZANO
Phone 0471 324 867 | Mob. 335 6798049

Technical Services

You can order all the technical services you need after or during the confirmation of your presence easily online from your office:

  • Electrical connection
  • Electrical system test
  • Water connection
  • Telecommunication services (telephone and WIFI)
  • SAT and TV connection
  • Stand cleaning
  • Ceiling hooks
  • Static certification of ceiling hooks
  • Handling and storage of goods (forklift truck)

Technical Regulations of the Bolzano Trade Fair

Technical Regulations of the Bolzano Trade Fair

pdf (219.2 KB)

General regulation of the Bolzano Trade Fair

pdf (124.25 KB)

Setting up and dismantling times


From Thursday 16 January to Saturday 18 January 2020
Monday 20 January and Tuesday 21 January 2020 hours: 8.00 - 19.00  

Event hours for exhibitors: 

From Wednesday 22 January to Saturday 25 January 2020 hours: 8.30 - 18.30


Saturday 25th January 2020
Hours: 18.00 - 21.00
During this dismantling time, vehicles may only enter the open area, not the hall.

Sunday, 26 January to Wednesday, 29 January 2020 hours: 8.00 - 19.00 For organisational reasons it will not be possible to exceed the dismantling deadline of Wednesday 29 January 2020.
After this deadline the stand must be removed from Fiera Bolzano and the costs charged.

FAQ during the trade show

Take a couple of minutes to read this short vademecum: your presence at the fair will be easy and smooth!

Check-In - how do I enter the trade show?
a. Set up? How do my suppliers and I get access to the fair? Print it out, forward it to your suppliers and bring with you the pdf that we have sent you by email with your goods entry code. Place the code clearly visible on the dashboard. The goods entrance is located in Via Marco Polo. Please note that in times of great influx, a deposit of € 50.00 is required at the goods entrance, which will be returned at the exit within one hour.

b. How do I find my stand? The first part of your stand number (example: B10/22) indicates the aisle (B10) where your space is located. Go to your aisle, the space is marked on the ground. If in doubt ask the staff present, contact the Technical Office, 0471 516 200, or go to the Exhibitors' Office in the gallery, level 0.

c. Where can I park after unloading the goods? To avoid queues during set-up, unload the goods at your stand and park your vehicle 2 hours free of charge in the hall roof car park (indicated as visitor parking). After the two hours, parking costs €0.50 per hour. For this reason, the underground car park (exhibitor car park) will be open from the first day of the stand construction for all those who have reserved a parking space.

d. Where do I collect my exhibitor passes? From now on, you will no longer receive your exhibitor passes in the Exhibitor Office in the gallery, level 0. You can download them directly online. In addition, due to a change in the law, your exhibitor passes are registered in your name. Shortly before the exhibition, the sales team will send you a link where you can download your passes. The system remains open until 24 hours before the start of the event. Where this deadline, you lose the entire contingent of exhibitor passes.

e. Where do I collect my parking passes? You will always receive your parking passes in the Exhibitors' Office in the level 0 gallery.

How do I get my stand to work?
a. How can I get electricity, Wi-Fi and other technical services quickly and easily? In front of the Exhibitors' Office in the gallery, level 0, you will find the Technical Office (tel. 0471 516 200 - and the Electricians' Office (tel. 0471 516 114). From the latter you can pick up the electrical panel if you do not have your own; the panel is needed because in the pavilion the current is supplied with a 5 pole and 32 ampere socket.

b. Heavy goods: who can help me? Order the forklift truck, transport and storage of empty goods in good time from SCHENKER ITALIANA Spa: E-Mail, Tel. 0471 549726, Cell. 334 6954229 (Mr. Negri).

c. Where do I dispose of my waste? The environment is very important to us, please create as little waste as possible. To dispose of the waste that you inevitably create, please use the Big Bags (during set up) and garbage bags (during the fair) provided. The ecological island is located at the end of lane D26. For more information click here.

d. I need extra furniture. Who should I contact? If you need "last minute" furniture for your stand, you can order it in the Exhibitors' Office, in the gallery, level 0 (limited availability).

e. Help, I don't have enough time to set up - what should I do? Outside the official set-up and dismantling hours, it is only possible to set up the stand with the permission of the Technical Office at a cost of € 50.00 per hour. Please send your request to: 0471 516 200 .

The show is in progress
a. How do I get into the trade show center? Access to the hall is only possible with exhibitor passes. If you have not generated them within 24 hours of the start of the fair, please contact the dedicated ticket office near the main entrance.

b. How do I find my parking space? On the parking ticket you have received, you will find the parking space allocated to you.

c. I need more goods, how do I get them to the show? Go to the goods entrance (in Via Marco Polo) with your goods entry code, hand over the € 50.00 deposit, bring the goods to your stand and leave the fair within the established time to receive the deposit back.

d. Where do I pay for services booked on site? The invoice for the services booked at the fair is delivered at the end of the event or shortly after the trade show.

e. My waste bin is full - what do I do? Please transfer its contents to the garbage bags provided and place them outside your stand at the aisle in the evening.

f. Turn off the lights - time to go! Every evening, at the end of the trade show, the electrical panel must be switched off and the water connections closed.

The show is over - how do you get out of the hall?
a. I need a permit to exit? Pick up your exit permit at the exhibitors' office and hand it in at the exit. You must pay all invoices first. 

b. How do I behave at the end of the exhibition? On the last day of the trade show, after closing time, the goods can only be removed from the stand by hand: it is not permitted to enter the hall with vehicles!

c. What do I do with the electrical panel? Give the electrical panel back to the electricians' office in the gallery, level 0. 

d. I have to clear the stand, where do I take the waste? Please leave your area as you found it - the ecological island is located outside, at the end of aisle D26.

Conference Rooms

Cevedale & Tribulaun in the exhibition hall

Fiera Bolzano has two congress halls inside the exhibition hall, equipped with everything you need for conferences and workshops. The halls are located in Hall C, which can be reached from the gallery level 0 and have a maximum capacity of 120 and 60 seats respectively. They are available to our exhibitors for conferences, meetings and presentations.

MEC Meeting & Event Center Südtirol Alto Adige

The "MEC Meeting & Event Center Südtirol Alto Adige" is one of the most modern conference centers in the Alpine region. Attached to the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, it offers the ideal prerequisites both for trade show events and for congresses held independently of them. The structure allows for meetings of all types and order of magnitude: seminars, conventions, shows and congresses from 10 to 500 people.

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