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Interpoma awards varietal innovation

The apple industry is changing: Traditional varieties that have characterized the global market for many decades are facing a crisis of overproduction. They struggle to win over consumers, while growers can often no longer cover the costs of production. New and promising varieties, on the other hand, are widening the range in sales outlets, offering new and exciting tastes and sensory qualities that are sometimes superior to the standard product.

To give a further impetus to innovation in the apple sector, the upcoming edition of Interpoma has a special new event in store: an award to honour innovative ideas and projects in the global apple business – the so called Interpoma Award. The award is going to be presented for the first time in 2020, then again once every two years, with each edition dedicated to a specific topic. 

The first edition in 2020 is going to focus on varietal innovation: therefore the award could either go to a new type of breeding program, a new apple variety  or a marketing project whose proven success has been able to significantly assist the global apple industry. And the best part: even though it is the Interpoma award, you don't have to be an exhibitor of Interpoma to apply. Candidates can come from any sector involved in breeding, and can be research facilites, private companies, publicly funded institutions or even ordinary people with extraordinary ideas. All candidate projects are going be evaluated by a jury of experts, and are going to receive their award at Interpoma 2020.

Michael Oberhuber

With this first edition of the Interpoma Award we honour projects that have revolutionised the global apple business.

Michael Oberhuber

Director Research Center Laimburg & President of the Jury

Would you like to apply?

Then send in your application by filling in the application form below, also attaching a description (at least 1 page), explaining as to why this project deserves to win the Interpoma Award 2020. You are also welcome to attach further material/examples of your choice (video, presentations, photos, homepages, etc.) and send everything via email to

Application deadline is on October 31st, 2020 

We look forward to receiving your application!

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