Interpoma Tour 7 - Excellence is nothing without technique

Sprayers and irrigation

Sprayer overhaul center in Lana

The sprayer overhaul center in Lana is operated by the South Tyrolean Orchard Advisory Center and is one of the authorized centers for functional inspections of sprayers. All farmers operating under the AGRIOS protocol and/or Global GAP guidelines are required to have periodic functional checks. During the visit we are going to be able to realize how the measurement of nozzle flow rate is done and how the overhaul of sprayers is carried out.


Thomas Gruber integrated fruit farm in Postal

The second stop is going to be at Thomas Gruber's fruit farm. The farm, with owned and leased fields, is run by the family, and the apples are delivered to the cooperative. With its structure and varietal assortment, the farm reflects the reality of South Tyrolean apple growing. Over the past few years, Thomas Gruber has added several aspects related to sustainability: irrigation is adjusted to the actual needs of the plants (measured by soil moisture sensors - tensiometer) and a photovoltaic system provides the electricity needed for, among other things, the electric platform for harvesting.


When: Friday 18 November

Where: departure by bus from Piazza Fiera at 13:30 and return at 17:00

How: Participation fee € 90, with online ticket to be shown at the time of departure

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