Interpoma Tour 2 - Don’t’s organic!

Production and market strategies

Organic farm Georg Zischg in Gargazzone

We are also going to visit the historic Runstnerhof farm in Gargazon. The organically farmed farm is run by the Zischg family, who run a farm café in addition to the farm. The organic farming family is very concerned about keeping nature in balance, promoting soil life and keeping the trees vital.

Cooperative Biosüdtirol (VOG) in Lana

In the first part of the Tour, we are going to visit the sales office of the Biosüdtirol cooperative in Lana, which was founded in 1990 by the are going to of 6 farmers. Today there are 300 fruit producers who deliver organic apples of nearly 35 varieties to Biosüdtirol. We are going to have the opportunity to visit the production area and accompany the apples from selection to the storage cell. We are going to also have a meeting with the Director, who are going to introduce us to sales strategies and organic market circuits.

When: Thursday 17 November

Where: departure by bus from Piazza Fiera at 08:30 and return at 12:00

How: Participation fee € 90, with online ticket to be shown at the time of departure