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Exhibitors at Fiera Bolzano can raise their profile and make their trade fair attendance resonate by

- launching a range of targeted advertising campaigns, with a range of prices and a range of media
- signing up for advertising package offers
- and examining tailored promotional actions

The same opportunities are also available to non-exhibitors.

BIG PRINTS: high-impact messages!

indoor, on the walls in the gallery at level -1 and level 0, near bars, public telephones, cloakroom and WC
Dimensions (cm): 300 x 140
Number of installations: 16 

indoor, above the escalators at the main entrance from the Services Centre, rotating triangular prism panel
Dimensions (cm): 272 x 135
Number of installations: 3 
outdoor, in the outdoor area of the trade fair complex on the bridge linking the
car park and offices
Dimensions (cm): 300 x 120
Number of installations: 2 
outdoor, with lighting, on the northern façade of the trade fair complex in Via Marco Polo
Dimensions (cm): 600 x 300
Number of installations: 9
outdoor, located in the car park on the roof of the exhibition pavilion
Dimensions (cm): 500 x 250
Number of installations: 20
at the main entrance in the Services centre, available for single fairs or events only
Dimensions (cm): 460 x 350
rotating prism panels at the main entrance in the Services Centre
Dimensions (cm): 290 x 190
Number of installations: 6 positions on 2 installations
outdoor, on the northern façade of Fiera Bolzano, overlooking Piazza Fiera and the railway station
Dimensions (cm): 250 x 300
Number of spaces:1

OFFICIAL CATALOGUE: spread your message beyond the bounds of the trade fair!

pocket-size catalogue distributed free of charge!

outside back cover    mm 105 x 210   4-colour printing
inside back cover      mm 105 x 210   4-colour printing
inside front cover      mm 105 x 210   4-colour printing
1/1 full page                mm 105 x 210   4-colour printing 
1/2 page horizontal   mm 105 x 105   4-colour printing 

Company logo in alphabetical order of exhibitors and on floor plan   mm 22 x 15   4-colour printing

ENTRANCE TICKETS: 100% certain contact

unique, exclusive visibility

Ticket size   mm 82 x 53   (credit card size)

Horizontal advertising space on all entrance tickets   mm 50 x 20   1-colour printing

Event web sites: use the net to catch your customers!

 Banner campaign

You can launch a banner campaign on all the pages of an event's website

  •  234 x 60 pixel banner
  • 234 x 120 pixel big banner

Weekly email report on the campaign's performance, complete with views and clicks

Pop-up campaign

For individual trade fairs we can find a tailored solution in conjunction with you

Weekly email report on the campaign's performance, complete with views and clicks

Tailored promotional initiatives: there's no limit to our creativity!

 We can work with you to create tailored projects and targeted communication and advertising initiatives.

Flyers and the distribution of giveaways and/or information packs

Service open to

  • our exhibitors at the event
  • non-exhibitors only if not in competition with exhibitors at the event

A fee is payable for the service - Authorisation necessary, for max. 2 people per day - limited number of permits.


 Sponsorship of an entire show or a specific event within it. Ideal for gaining exposure for your brand or image among a specific target audience.



For orders, bookings and information, please contact:

 Massimiliano Cudin

Communication and Image
Tel +39 0471 516011
Fax +39 0471 516116

C.S.U. COOPERATIVA SERVIZI URBANI - Exclusive official dealer
Via Ferrari  1 - 39100 Bolzano
tel. 0471 324239 - fax. 0471 324164