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Klimahouse Startup Award

Klimahouse Startup Award


Klimahouse, a leading trade show for innovations in the sustainable construction sector, is organising the 3rd edition of Klimahouse Startup Village to coincide with Klimahouse 2019 at the Bolzano Exhibition Center. Running from 23rd to 26th January, the 4-day programme will feature events dedicated to the startups working in the sector.

Klimahouse will also host the “Klimahouse Startup Award”, a prize conceived to honour the sector’s best startups and innovative businesses at European level.

A selection committee will choose up to 32 startups out of all the applications received. These startups will make up the Klimahouse Startup Village, an exhibition area at the centre of Klimahouse 2019 which will host the startups’ stands (see the attached data sheet). The winning startups will be able to exhibit their products and services at the trade show for a reduced price of Euro 999,00 + VAT and will have the opportunity to meet key businesses working in the sector. Furthermore, during the trade show 10 of the 32 participating startups will be selected as award finalists and will compete to win the Klimahouse Startup Award. The selected 10 startups will win Euro 999,00 + VAT, equal to the participation fee.

The aim of the prize and of the Startup Village is to help brand-new companies working in the sector and contributing to the ‘building and living’ innovation to get in contact more quickly with industrial partners willing to help them get on the market.

The theme of Klimahouse Startup Award and Klimahouse Startup Village 2019 will be The Human Factor, focussing on the impact that smart building, smart living and smart city technologies (all centred on people and their abodes) will have on people:
Intelligent but warm, efficient but friendly, secure but beautiful: the house of the future will take for granted prerequisites such as construction quality, respect for nature, choice of the best materials, connection and dialogue between different elements. Data, technology and connections must prioritise the security and the comfort of those building and inhabiting a house: the people.

Requirements, conditions and how to participate

  • ‘Startup’ means a company headquartered in the European Union, founded no earlier than 2014 and whose main activity is strongly characterised by innovative elements.
  • The Klimahouse Startup Award is open to all the startups working in the sectors of construction, energy, services, furnishings, IT (Information Technology) and IoT (Internet of Things), provided that their work is applicable to the fields of construction, redevelopment, furnishing and energy efficiency in the construction industry.
  • All the startups selected by the jury will receive a pre-arranged stand in the Startup Village for a reduced price of Euro 999,00 + VAT, which will include Wi-Fi, a parking lot, 50 entrance passes and having their participation published in both the online and the printed catalogues.
  • The 10 selected startups will receive a prize of Euro 999,00 + VAT, equal to the participation fee.
  • Startups wishing to compete for the prize must enter by completing the application form below and sending their own business project.
  • The deadline for applications is at 6 p.m. on 19th November 2018 (CET).
  • The committee will take their decision by 19th November 2018, selecting 32 startups that will be invited to exhibit their services and products from 23rd to 26th January 2019 in Bolzano, in the Startup Village at Klimahouse, within the pavilions of the Bolzano Exhibition Center.
  • Each day the Klimahouse Startup Village will host several pitch sessions, allowing the participating startups to present themselves to Klimahouse visitors. During the first three days of the trade show, the committee will select the ten startups that will compete for the first prize on the last day.
  • The finalists will be judged on the basis of an elevator pitch and a subsequent Q&A session with the committee.
  • This year, for the first time, there will also be a public vote. Trade show visitors and exhibitors can assign a symbolic “Audience choice award” by casting their votes using the postcards available for the first three days of the trade show.


The total jackpot consists of services for an overall amount of Euro 30.000. More specifically:


  • A refund for the cost of the personalized stand in the Klimahouse Startup Village at Klimahouse 2019, allowing start-ups to exhibit their products, their promotional and informative material and to meet potential investors and industrial partners.


  • A pre-arranged stand, including related services and hospitality for the 2020 edition of Klimahouse at the Bolzano Exhibition Center
  • Publicity in the trade show catalogue and on the official website, as well as 150 passes for the 2020 edition of Klimahouse at the Bolzano Exhibition Center
  • An “Exposure package” for participating at Klimahouse 2020, consisting of a press release and a video interview
  • A pre-arranged stand to participate at ComoCasaClima, sponsored by Klimahouse, in Erba (Como) from 4th to 6th October 2019