GUIDELINE - join the trade show in a few easy steps
19/11 - 21/11/2020
09:00 - 18:00
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Take two minutes to read this guide. Print it out and take it with you. Your trade show will run smooth.

CHECK IN How to enter in the fair

CHECK IN  How to enter in the fair

1. Set up - How do my suppliers and I access the fair?
We have emailed you a pdf with your merchandise entry code. Please print it and bring it with you. Please send it to your suppliers as well. Place the code clearly visible on your dashboard. The freight entrance is on via Marco Polo. Please note that at peak times a deposit of € 50.00 may be required at the entrance; this will be returned to you within one hour after your exit.

2. How do I find my stand?
Your stand number indicates the lane / gate where your area is located. Your area is marked on the ground. In case of any confusion contact our technical service on 0471 51 6006 or go to the Exhibitors’ Office in the gallery at level 0.

3. Where can I park after unloading my merchandise?
To avoid creating queues during the setup, unload your merchandise at your stand and park your vehicle for free in the parking area on the roof of the building (which is the visitors' parking during the event). This is accessible via Marco Polo.

4. Where do I get my exhibitor passes?
You can receive your exhibitor passes and any car parking slots ordered, at the Exhibitors' Office in the gallery, level 0. Passes will be given out only if all your invoices have been paid. Bring with you a copy of your bank transfer. Only in exceptional cases and with prior notice to the exhibition team you can pay on site.

How do I make my stand work?

How do I make my stand work?

1. How do I connect electricity, Wi-Fi and the other technical services in the easiest and fastest way?
Opposite the Exhibitors’ office in the gallery, level 0, you can find our technical office (0471 516 239 - and our electricians (0471 516 114). From those who have an electrical panel; the electrical connection is installed on your stand through a 5 pole and 32-amp socket.

2. Heavy goods: who can help me?
You can order a fork lift, transport and the storage of your empty cartons in advance to the company SCHENKER ITALIANA Spa: E-Mail, Phone 0039 0461 960028, Cell (0039) - 334 6954229.

3. Where do I dispose the waste?
The environment is very important to us, so we ask you to create as little waste as possible. To dispose of the waste that will inevitably be created, please use the Big Bags (during the setup) and the garbage bags available (during the trade fair). For more information, click here.

4. I need additional furniture. Who can I ask?
If you have booked a pre-installed Bolzano Fiera stand, you can go to the Exhibitors’ office in the gallery at level 0 and order the "last minute" furniture (limited availability).

5. Help, I do not have enough time to set up - what shall I do?
Outside our set hours for the set up and the dismantling, it is possible to do your set up only with the permission of the technical office at an additional cost of € 50,00 per hour. Please send your request to: Tel. +39 0471 516 007 (Silvano)

The trade show has now started

The trade show has now started

1. The fair has started and I cannot get in!
Access to the fair is possible only with the exhibitor passes. If you have not picked them up during the set up, go to the reception on the first floor (access from the stairs before the main entrance).

2. How do I find my car park and parking place?
On the parking ticket that you will receive, the parking you have been assigned is indicated. Here you will find the map of the exhibition hall and the car parks.

3. If I need additional merchandise, how do I bring it in?
Enter the merchandise entry (via Marco Polo) with your merchandise entry code, leave a deposit of 50 €, bring your merchandise to your stand and leave the fair within the given time in order to receive your deposit back.

4. Where do I pay for the furnishings I booked for on site at the fair?
You will receive the invoice for the furnishings booked directly at the fair by e-Mail or directly at your stand. This must be paid by the end of the event by bank transfer, a copy of which needs to be brought to the Exhibitors' office at level 0 in the gallery.

5. My waste bin is full - what do I do?
Please transfer its content into the garbage bags available and place them outside your stand every evening.

6. Turn off the lights - let's go home!
Every night, at the end of the fair, the electrical panel needs to be switched off and the water supplies closed.

The fair is finished how do I get out?

The fair is finished how do I get out?

1. Do I need a pass to leave with my vehicle from the outdoor area?
Once you have paid all your invoices you can get your exit pass at the Exhibitors' Office and hand it in at the freight exit.

2. What do I have to do at the end of the fair?
On the last day of the fair, after the closing, the goods can be removed from the stand only manually: the access with your vehicle is not allowed into the pavilion, but only in the outdoor open area. At the end of the fair we advise you to park for free in the visitors’ car park on the roof and enter the pavilion through the lifts.
WARNING: Do not leave any unattended objects at your stand.

3. What do I need to do with the electrical panel?
Take the electrical panel to the electricians in the gallery, level 0.

Please leave your area as you found it, which means clear and clean. For more information, click here.


From Thursday, 8th until Friday, 9th and Monday, 11th until Wednesday, 14th of November
Time: 8.00 am to 7 pm

Event hours for exhibitors:
From Thursday, 15th until Saturday, 17th of November
Time: 8.00 am to 6.30 pm

Event hours for visitors:
From Thursday, 15th until Saturday, 17th of November
Time: 9 am to 6 pm

Saturday, 17th of November
Time: 6 pm to 10 pm

From Sunday, 18th until Monday, 19th of November
Time: 8 am to 7 pm

During these disassembly hours, vehicles are allowed into the outdoor area only, not into the hall.

Due to organisational reasons, exhibitors may not exceed the disassembly time, Monday, 19th of November!