International trade show for mountain and winter technologies

9th - 11th April 2014
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International trade show for mountain and winter technologies
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A raving success for Prowinter-Alpitec 2014!

9.100 visitors and 330 exhibitors took part in the trade show duo of Prowinter and Alpitec, gaining the great information exchange in regard of the upcoming winter season. The success and international orientation is proven by the provenience of visitors from Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Slovenia, Serbia, Andorra, Slovakia, Spain, Chile and Japan.

Guests of honour had been, amongst others, the Slovenian skier Tina Maze as well as the two Ski racer Alexis Pinterault and Jean-Baptiste Grange.

Pleased by the results, the CEO of the Bolzano Exhibition Center, Reinhold Marsoner underlined the important role of Bolzano as the capital of winter sports: “Trentino-South Tyrol is world-famous for its wonderful ski areas and innovative winter sports technologies. I am glad that this trade show became such an important meeting place for winter sports athletes and experts whereat, referring to this, Prowinter represents the exhibition’s vast strength.

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19th - 22nd February 2014  

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The Curtain Comes Down on the 2014 Winter Duet of Prowinter-Alpitec

Prowinter, the International Tradeshow for Rentals and Services for Winter Sports in Bolzano, Italy, was held just as usual every two years along with Alpitec, the International Tradeshow for Alpine and Winter Technologies, thus once again confirming the meeting point for the entire sector involving snow, with numerous athletes and peak figures from the winter sports branch being present.

From April 9 to 11, 2014, some 330 companies were visited by approximately 9,100 visitors to conclude their first agreements before the next winter season.  An appointment which, judging by the various presences, reconfirms the genuinely international appeal, with guests coming from fourteen countries: in addition to Italia, also appearing were those from Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Slovenia, Serbia, Andorra, Slovakia, Spain, Chile, and Japan.  Meanwhile, arriving on the stage of the Prowinter Forum were representatives of the best ski resorts in Europe, from France to Slovenia, passing through Italy, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany, and ski champions from beyond the Alps, with the lovely Slovenian skier Tina Maze and her World Cup colleagues Alexis Pinturault and Jean-Baptiste Grange.  Also present at the Exhibition Center were the leading athletes of the Sports Centers of two Italian law enforcement agencies, the Paramilitary Police and the Tax Enforcement Police, and from Armin Zoeggeler to Peter Fill, from Gaia Vuerich to Corinna Boccacini, all of the athletes who received prizes from the Italian Winter Sports Federation and from the Prowinter Cup for the Alpine ski circuit.  “I was familiar with Prowinter, but this is the first time that I have had the occasion to participate,” commented the Slovenian champion Tina Maze, at the Exhibition Center with her personal trainer Andrea Massi.  “A lovely tradeshow which, at this point in the season, allows us to also dedicate some time to our sponsors.  And it’s really a pleasure for me to spend this day giving awards to the promising youth of Alpine skiing.”  This edition was also enriched by the presence of the multiple medal-winning Olympic champion Armin Zoeggeler, the only athlete in the world to have succeeded in conquering six individual medals in six consecutive editions of the Games.  “Prowinter is always a great occasion for getting to know everything that’s new for the next winter and to meet all of the best athletes who have reached the podium during the season,” Zoeggeler explained.  “Every year, it is always reconfirmed as a very important appointment.”

Also satisfied was the director of the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center, Reinhold Marsoner, who emphasized the role of Bolzano as the capital of the snow sector.  “Trentino-South Tyrol is a region that is renowned throughout the world for its ski areas and its cutting-edge equipment in the world of snow,” Marsoner stated.  “Right in this territory that is so rich in know-how is where Alpitec and Prowinter are held.  It is very satisfying to see how this appointment has become a meeting point for athletes and leading figures in winter sports and technologies.  With this, Prowinter definitely emerges as the strongpoint of the duet.” 

From the survey conducted by the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center on a sample of 794 visitors, it emerges that those who work in the sector came for the most part from the branch of rentals and from cableway facilities, followed by ski and snowboard schools and sporting goods stores.  And it is specifically within the specialization associated with the rentals division that Prowinter has its actual strongpoint, as the only b2b platform in Europe, with promising growth occurring against the current trend with respect to the general performance of the market.  A performance that is promising, as emphasized by Kurt Landstätter, director of Rent and Go.  “The season went rather well.  Not all of the rentals operated the way they did last year because there was too much snow.  I’m speaking of the Dolomites zone, especially Cortina d’Ampezzo,” Landstätter indicated. “All of the others are satisfied, and we have great trust in the next winter.  People are skiing less, but when they ski, they want the top of the range, they want quality that is higher with respect to a few years ago.  And thus the tendency is that of versatile skiing, with which they can have a good time and not get tired of it.  The phenomenon of the rocker has been well perceived.  In the rental sector, there is a sign of stability, because there are many new rentals: the sales sector seems to have a decline, and many sporting goods stores have transformed themselves into rentals.  Thus the rental business is growing but the rentals themselves are stationary. Rent and Go came into existence according to the philosophy that enthusiasts who go skiing one week out of the year do not have to purchase the material and carry it with themselves.  And thus the idea that Erwin Stricker already had was to provide a good level of service, one that was so high that everything would be found on site, not just the skis, but also the repairs and the storage.”

Continuing with the analysis of the data that were collected, 22% of those interviewed came from South Tyrol, 28.2% from Trentino, and nearly 50% from the other regions of Italy (45.1%) and from abroad (5.5%). Prowinter has won success and the exhibitors are satisfied, and among those who work in the sector who were interviewed, nearly one hundred percent expressed a positive consensus, with 67% considering the event to be “good”, 17.9% “very good”, 14.1% “satisfactory”, and only 1% having expressed themselves in a manner that was not positive. 

This general consensus was highlighted by those same exhibitors who in this way emphasized the significance of the appointment in Bolzano:
Paolo Rossi, owner of Extreme Winter Equipment Srl: “For us, the Prowinter tradeshow represents a meeting point with the various sports companies of Northern Italy and above all else from South Tyrol, but it is also an important appointment for meeting the world of sporting goods stores and, in general, all of those who work in the sector.”

Pietro Colturi, Managing Representative of Italy Burton: “We have believed in Prowinter since the very first editions, and we have always had an excellent response.  The rental market is important, healthy, and is growing in a certain way.  That is why our company has always chosen to participate, bringing along our own innovations and investing both in the presence and in the products.  For us, it has always been an interesting market.”

Stefano Silvestri, Winter Sports Category Manager of Mares SpA - Head: “Head is a company that is extremely innovative with respect to the launch of new technologies on the market, and for us, Prowinter is a showcase that is extremely important, above all else with regard to the trade sector, and thus it is a strategic platform for closing those agreements and contracts that we had been defining during the year.”

Michele Villotti, General Manager of Silhouette Italia Srl - Adidas Eyewear Italia: “For fifty years, we have had the exclusive license for the production and worldwide distribution of the Adidas brand eyewear.  For us, it is fundamental that a highly technical product can be explained, and this is certainly the best stage for us.”

Ernesto Bassetti, Executive Vice President of the MND Group: “Ours is an international group; we have eight subsidiaries in the world. For the Italian subsidiary, Alpitec is a very important tradeshow because it allows us to have good contact with people. We receive a clientele here that is predominantly Italian, but this year, we also had meetings with foreign visitors, and thus this appointment also makes itself interesting from this viewpoint.”


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Prowinter-Alpitec 2014 presented at ISPO Munich

The trade-fair duo renew their appointment with winter mountain operators - Promotional collaborations and strategic partnerships with associations and institutional bodies enable the Bolzano Trade-Fair to emphasise the specialization of the visitors.

The comprehensive winter mountain section is once again in centre stage on the occasion of the coming edition of Prowinter, the international trade-fair for winter sport hire and services scheduled for 9 to 11 April 2014, presented at ISPO Munich. The journalists of the international press attending the press conference were welcomed by the President of the Bolzano Trade-Fair, Gernot Rössler, the Project Manager Evi Götsch, the President of the FIS World Cup Committee Erich Demetz, the General Secretary of the ISMF Roberto Cavallo, and Linda Esser Stricker, wife of the unforgettable Erwin, the “crazy horse” of downhill skiing. 

In addition to clothing, accessories, and technical equipment for mountain goers, there will also be sophisticated machinery and technological gems available for service providers and winter activity organizers. As happens every two years, the 2014 edition of the trade-fair will be organized at the same time as Alpitec, the platform dedicated to Alpine and winter technology. The objective is to repeat the success that marked the last joint edition, with  9300 visitors from 24 countries, and 253 and 112 exhibitors at Prowinter and Alpitec respectively, extending over more than 25,000 square metres of exhibition floor.   

A combination that makes for an unmissable appointment for all specialized operators, attracted by the vast exhibition options embracing all sectors, as well as the countless fringe events that include meetings, seminars, workshops, and prize giving ceremonies, organized over the three days of the event. “In addition to getting to know the new products on the market from the hardware producers for ski areas, including uplift systems, piste bashers, snow production, and access control, along with the options for the rental sector, with ski servicing equipment, outfits for ski clubs, ski instructors, and retail staff,” began Gernot Rössler, “Prowinter and Alpitec are further enhanced thanks to strategic collaborations with numerous partners in the sector”.

Edition after edition, the Bolzano Trade-Fair team have worked to ensure constant enhancement of their added value by establishing, in parallel with the organizational component, a range of partnerships with the main associations and institutional bodies, in order to give the platform an increasingly professional focus and to be of interest to all the categories involved. This also encourages moments of reflection on the evolution of winter sports, as underlined by Erich Demetz: “In recent years, two completely different approaches are emerging in downhill skiing: on one hand the strictly competitive area in which up to now everything has been done to try and keep skiing tied to its origins, transforming it into a highly technical discipline, and on the other hand the ski tourism sector with a completely opposite approach, providing perfectly groomed slopes and the very latest equipment which, especially for the less expert, creates very serious safety issues. We need to try and shift ski tourism towards a more technically aware approach to the sport”. 

“Once again this year over the three days of the Trade-Fair, we guarantee a lavish program of events that will form the natural accompaniment to the goods on show and ensure our exhibitors the participation of a highly specialized public,” continued Evi Götsch. “In fact, Prowinter-Alpitec stands apart from other trade-fairs exactly because it makes it possible to concentrate efforts on the commercial aspects, with an important business turnover in orders and contracts”. Among the novelties of the last edition, repeated this year, is a collaboration with the Italian federation of winter sports, promoters of an award for the athlete of the year who achieved the best rankings and victories in the various winter sports over the season. The Prowinter Forum stage this year will also feature the Alto Adige Junior athletes category award from the FISI Alto Adige Regional Committee, the best Italian athletes of the 2013/2014 season with prizes from POOL Sci Italia, the association that brings together all the official suppliers of the national downhill skiing teams, and the Italian athletes of the “Students” and “Kids” categories who competed for the Energiapura Children Series title by participating in Topolino and Pinocchio competitions, and in the Italian championships (awards organized in collaboration with Race Ski Magazine).

Continuing and consolidating for the third consecutive year is the distinctive tie of Bolzano Trade-Fair with ski touring, as underlined by the General Secretary of the ISMF, Roberto Cavallo: “Ski mountaineering is established as a constantly growing sport, in terms of both participants and equipment under production. Today ISMF is the most important federation in the sector with more than thirty member countries, and we are awaiting recognition as an Olympic sport, a decision that will be taken at the imminent winter Olympiads in Sochi. In recent years, we have been concentrating a lot on communication and spreading the sport, in particular among the young, and obviously a dedicated platform like Prowinter represents a strategic promotional partner for us”. This discipline, in addition to enjoying its only dedicated platform in Europe, will also be the object of in-depth analysis during a round-table discussion promoted by the International Ski Mountaineering Federation. The theme of the meeting will be the possibility of including ski mountaineering among the Olympic sports, and considering the potential consequences and implications of this. Among the invited guests is the President Armando Mariotta, the FISI technical officer for ski mountaineering Oscar Angeloni, and a number of leading athletes. In addition, the Trade-Fair will be promoted by a circuit known as the Prowinter Cup, thanks to a valuable collaboration with the organizers of the Dolomitisottolestelle association. There will be a set of seven selected competitions in Trentino and Alto Adige: the Rodes Gherdenia Trophy in Selva Gardena (14 December), the Tognola Ski Race in San Martino di Castrozza (18 December), the Lunagaro at Passo Brocon (28 December), the Carezza Trophy in Malga Frommer (29 January), the Memorial Maurizio Zagonel in San Martino di Castrozza (5 February), the SIAL Vigili del Fuoco in Ziano di Fiemme (9 February), and the Memorial Tita and Marco in Vigo di Fassa (19 March). The athletes who have earned the highest scores in the Cadets, Juniors, Seniors and Over 50s categories will be awarded prizes during the Trade-Fair, directly on the Prowinter Forum stage.

There are also high expectations for the now obligatory Stricker Visions, the event conceived and promoted by Linda Esser and Nina Stricker, wife and daughter of the unforgettable Erwin Stricker. Mrs. Stricker presented the theme for the third edition of this event in person: “The third edition of the Fabbrica di Stricker will be dedicated to the family, a social context full of stimulus and lively examples which, at the same time, represents a strong human foundation. We will hear stories from real life recounted in first person, to reveal the driving force that can be triggered by different family contexts, directing particular attention to how such a precious asset can best be exploited”. The initiative arose with the aim of bringing renewed energy and momentum to the highly extravagant and original approach that always characterized the activities of the “crazy horse” of downhill skiing. It will be a genuine “factory of the future”, powered by experts in the sector, and dedicated to perfecting winter sports through new concepts and innovative ideas. It concludes with the allocation of the so-called Geierschnabel Award, the associated prize named after the famous hooked tip skis invented by Erwin, with a single winner selected from among the top three candidates that stand out for their exceptional contributions to the winter sports world.  

Finally, within the Alpitec platform there is the greatly anticipated appointment with International Skiareatest, the ceremony for the assignment of the winter 2013-2014 awards which will see the designation of the best ski resorts in the Alps following a selection process with verifications conducted during the recently concluded winter season by 220 member assessors. In addition to the winners for cable uplift systems, ski resorts, restaurants, après-ski venues, ski schools, sport shops, and services for children, there will also be prizes for the best ski slopes bearing the international quality seal. The Trade-Fair pavilions will also host all the national representatives of the cable-car operators, gathering for the regular ANEF meeting to discuss the thematic issues of the operators in this sector following the recently concluded winter season and reserved to sector operators. This professional category will also include the Alto Adige and Tyrolese operators, at the Trade-Fair to participate in their general meeting held every two years. A get-together  for more than 300 members returning to Prowinter/Alpitec for the second time in order to highlight the importance of this international event and the strategic role of Bolzano city. 


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ANEF and “Village France” Also Have an Appointment in Bolzano with the World of Mountain Management

The tradeshow event in Bolzano dedicated to those who work in mountain tourism management, with an emphasis on the “snow” sector, has received confirmation of its appeal with the announcement that the general meeting of ANEF, the Italian association of cableway operators, will be held to coincide both in time and place with the tradeshow at the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center.  The biennial international event has been set for April 9-11, 2014 and, as has now become customary, it will find an effective synergy in its combination with Prowinter, the tradeshow dedicated to rentals and services for winter sports. 

Another significant confirmation of the international character of Alpitec comes from the reservation of exhibition space on the part of the French cluster that joins together prestigious institutions and companies from the sector that operate on the other side of the Alps. They represent a situation of ownership and management that has outlined the most modern and innovative trends of Alpine domains skiables.  In the meantime, the progress with the winter season confirms the positive response that made itself known earlier on, thanks in no small part to the increase in the presence from abroad.  This is capable of further motivating investments in the mountain/snow division, for which Alpitec represents not only an important biennial international showcase, but also a specific meeting point between supply and demand for the multiple technologies and most advanced services available.  



Worthy of foremost mention is the fact that the general meeting of the Associazione Nazionale Esercenti Funiviari [or ANEF, the Italian National Association of Cableway Operators] will take on particular relevance this year since elections will be held. It is noteworthy that Sandro Lazzari, who has been president for a number of terms dating back to 1991, has announced his intention to not run again.  

The Association joins together the operators of more than 1,600 cableways distributed over approximately four hundred mountain locations in Italy which, in addition to the entire southern face of the Alps, also include the ridge of the Apennines as well as the Sila near the toe of the boot and Mt. Etna in Sicily.  It determines the policy lines of a sector that is considered to be one which cannot be ignored because of the totality of the complex, prestigious winter tourism machine in the country, which represents a share equaling approximately 20% of the entire European “ski vacation” market.  

For a long time now, studies in the sector have actually indicated how the cableway companies are capable of producing an impetus which in small areas characterized by commuting tourism is multiplied by three or four times, but which in large ski areas is multiplied by a factor of eight.  

The data that have been updated for the winter of 2013-2014 by the ski slopes available in Italy indicate a total of 7,111 kilometers (4,419 miles) of usable ski runs that are regularly groomed and served by the aforementioned cableways, with an extremely high percentage of coverage with snowmaking equipment.  Added to this are an additional 258 cross country ski trails and loops with an additional 2,160 kilometers (1,342 miles) of routes.  

And the builders of cableways, snowmaking equipment, snow groomers, and all of the products necessary to prepare and manage a mountain area will be present at Alpitec, especially to be able to meet with this specific target group of their clientèle.  



The cableway operators thus represent the primary reference public of Alpitec, since they are the main players of this “snow” tourism.  Among the buisnesses depending upon their entrepreneurship are hotel and accommodations facilities, recreation and entertainment activities, dining, equipment rentals, and instruction of skiing and other sports, for a situation evaluated today, at a national level, at 10.8% of the total Italian tourism system.  

Predictions and indicators for the 2013-2014 winter season from the institute Skipass panorama turismo [Skipass Tourism Panorama], managed by JFC, make it possible to identify in a clear manner the revenues for the national system from winter mountain tourism, including in the individual sectors: nearly 4.3 billion euros of revenues in the hospitality industry in its totality of hotel and other accommodations structures (with a total of 656,024 beds, not counting those present in second homes); nearly 4.2 billion euros for services such as equipment rentals, ski instructors, ski passes, various lift facilities, etc., 951 million euros of additional revenues generated by other ancillary services such as dining, recreational and entertainment activities, and so on.  In other words, total revenues equal to approximately 9.4 billion euros, including travel costs to reach the mountain destinations.  



The national system of Italian ski resorts – which is being studied more and more, including for purposes of best dealing with the current economic climate – presents structural and economic elements that are in a state of continuous evolution.  

It has been estimated that in the winter of 2013-2014, even though there has been a slight reduction (of 1.6%) with respect to the past season, the number of employees who will work in the Italian ski resort sector in all of the destinations within the country and in the various activities (accommodations, lift facilities, skiing instruction, restaurants, pizzerias, bars, discotheques, equipment rental companies, etc.) will be equal to nearly 360,000.   

With the most considerable operation being dedicated to hospitality, dining, and various services, an additional 6,600 employees work with the ski slopes and the lift facilities with an annual contract, while their number doubles during the winter period thanks to seasonal contracts.  On top of that, the 389 ski schools total nearly ten thousand employees including instructors and office personnel for an activity that runs on average for around four months per year.  

It is in any case interesting to learn that which has also recently been confirmed by Thomas Mussner, director of Dolomiti Superski – the world’s largest ski consortium: closer and closer interaction is necessary not only between the components of the ski package, but also among the various categories of tourism operators.  Not only do they determine the various products that are included in the “vacation package” but, by virtue of the concrete possibilities offered by the platforms, networks, and effectiveness of the web, they are more and more often involved in the marketing, management, and delivery of the dedicated services to the customers.  So it is not by chance that the latest proposals which include online tools and services will be those which best bolster the expectations of the insiders. 

The potential of the visitors to Alpitec is thus destined to broaden more and more, as has already emerged, though, from past editions.  And this has been confirmed by the overlapping of interests with the public from Prowinter, thanks to the noted biennial combination.  

“The variety and the up-to-date quality of the commodities offered by Alpitec make it possible to affirm that this tradeshow event represents the main European showcase of its kind,” commented Reinhold Marsoner, director of the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center.  “It draws a public which, in the 2012 edition, comprised 360 exhibiting companies and 9,300 visitors.”  



As a confirmation of the affirmations and expectations of Marsoner and the managers of the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center, the new edition of Alpitec will also include the participation of “Cluster montagne - Mountain Development France”, the prestigious association that groups together more than a hundred French companies in the aménagements touristiques sector for mountain activities in both the winter and the summer.  Its “mission” is to accompany and promote both within France and throughout the world the main French players in the mountains (  

After three years of participation in Alpitec China, a partnership has been activated for exhibiting at Alpitec Bolzano “at which we intend to make ourselves better known with the main players of Italian mountain locations,” explained Laurie Benoit Gonin, manager of the events project within the cluster.  

“We will be present with the ‘Village France’ formula, a shared exhibition area for which, as of today, we have already received the participation of around ten associates.  The Italian situation is very consistent with regard to the number of locations, and it is very intricate and varied.  Beyond the opportunity provided by the analogous tradeshow in Grenoble, we thus consider it to be very interesting to implement our contacts within a context that is specifically Italian, also taking into account the international attendance.  We therefore expect to find a large number of international operators, especially those from Austria, but also those from the Balkan countries.”  



This latter emerging situation within the context of ski resorts is actually confirmed by the predictions of attendance by the organizers of Alpitec, also taking into consideration the galvanizing effect of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi that are being organized by Russia in the mountain area adjacent to the Black Sea, which have been described as “the most expensive ever”.  The total cost of the infrastructures and the facilities being realized for the event has actually been estimated to be 37 billion dollars ( 

Since all of the main companies present at Alpitec will obviously be involved for the occasion, they will in this way become shared players in the birth of a variety of new winter destinations.  These will include many brands that were created and matured in Bolzano, to the point of assuming a position of leadership in the specific technologies and which today are the pride of the specificity and competence of “Made in South Tyrol” mountain technology. 

It is also a fine introduction for the tourist economy of Italian locations which, over the past few years, have noticed the growth in customers from Eastern Europe during the winter season, customers who have contributed in a decisive manner to the “overtaking” by visitors from abroad (making up 54%) that is occurring during the current season with respect to tourists from within the country.  In the vision of the future, the new Eastern European situation (and not only that one) will be greeted as the genuine “hatcheries” for new customers in the years to come, for both technological entrepreneurs in ski resort structures and operators in mountain tourism.  


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Prowinter-Alpitec: From April 9 to 11, 2014, Bolzano will be the Capital of the Snow Sector

Bolzano is to become the capital of winter sports and mountain technology.  Once again in 2014, the capital of South Tyrol will host the Prowinter-Alpitec pair, the platform for mountain professionals, the reference point for the entire athletic world, from downhill skiing to snowboarding, from ski touring to the new, emerging “free” disciplines.  Three days of full immersion dedicated to those who work in the sector and its experts are on the calendar from April 9 to 11.  

Bolzano, Italy, December 2, 2013 – Year after year, two successful tradeshows have perfectly completed the exhibiting and information presented by involving new product divisions, forming strategic partnerships with international associations and institutions, and introducing opportunities for comparison and exchange dedicated to emerging innovations.  At a strategic international crossroads: it is not by chance that Bolzano is located in one of the European regions that is most known for winter tourism, the ideal meeting place to host two appointments for international leisure activities which, in adjoining pavilions, will offer visitors a complete panorama of every part of production and distribution within the snow sector. 

A combination which the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center presents with a rhythm of every other year, in 2010 it was the reference platform for more than 9,300 visitors from twenty-four countries, arriving not only from all over Europe, but also from Russia, the United States, Canada, China, and Japan.  And the number of exhibitors also clearly demonstrates that the tradeshow has now become an appointment not to be missed for all those affiliated with the sector: 253 companies coming from no fewer than fifteen countries.  The exhibited categories that were represented included clothing, equipment, and accessories for snow sports; machinery, services for rentals and shops, equipment and services for ski areas, books, guides, trade associations, and equipment for safety and first aid.  This double appointment will thus be the occasion to find space within a professional display case that puts customers and partners from the sector in contact with each other, providing them with the possibility of establishing fruitful business relationships. 

Among the events that have already been confirmed for next year is the International Ski Area Test, which is certainly not to be missed.  This winter awards ceremony will celebrate the best ski areas in the Alps, coming at the end of a selection process with the tallying conducted in an absolutely anonymous form through the course of the season.  In addition, within the framework of the focus dedicated to ski touring, the only platform in Europe devoted to this discipline, the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center is reconfirming its strategic partnership with the international federation ISMF which, on the occasion of Prowinter, will return to present awards to the best athletes from the 2013-2014 winter season. 

So the dates are set in Bolzano with Prowinter-Alpitec 2014 to get the best preview of materials, technologies, and strategies for the future of winter sports. 


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The Trio of Winter Sports Tradeshows of the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center

With the three tradeshows “Alpitec”, “Alpitec China”, and “Prowinter” covering the areas of mountain and winter technologies as well as winter sports rentals and services, the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center in South Tyrol, Italy has established itself as the country’s number one meeting point in the sector and a 360° platform for the entire winter sports sector.

In even-numbered years, “Prowinter”, the International Tradeshow for Rentals and Services for Winter Sports always take place along with “Alpitec”, the International Tradeshow for Mountain and Winter Technologies.  The next edition will be held from April 9 to 11, 2014 in Bolzano/Bozen.  Over the course of three days in 2012, this double tradeshow with a total of 365 exhibitors from fifteen countries drew 9,300 visitors from the sector from twenty-four different nations.  The successful double event “Alpitec/Prowinter”, is held in the heart of the Alps and signifies a successful symbiosis in the sector, since with mountain and winter technologies along with rentals and services for winter sports, two closely related areas are united.  The exhibition areas of “Alpitec” range from ski slope and cross country ski trail equipment to snowmaking and ski lift facilities to guest services, personnel equipment, winter service vehicles, safety, and rescue.  Those of “Prowinter” comprise equipment and accessories for winter sports, technical clothing for skiing schools and ski clubs, machines and furnishings for ski rentals and equipment, services, and safety provisions for winter ski areas, from flex poles to ski grinding machines to cashier systems.

While Europe is seeing itself confronted with sinking numbers of winter sports enthusiasts, above all in the youth sector, the interest in skiing sports is booming in China.  With the cooperation of the Munich International Trade Fairs, the same double tradeshow was launched in China in 2009 in order to meet the needs of the up-and-coming Asian market in the winter sports sector.  The sixth edition of this successful double tradeshow in Asia will take place from February 19 to 22, 2014.  The product show of the “ispo Beijing/Alpitec China” exhibitors in Beijing will be accompanied by the “Asia Pacific Snow Conference” (APSC) and additional practice-related events, making this double tradeshow one of the most important communications and networking platforms for the winter sports sector in the Asian market. 

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